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So the orangutan is out of the White House, and the political system is back to normal. Is this good? Fuck no, we're just back to these jokers doing nothing while arguing about it and sticking pretty much to party retoric. When did we become so weak, unable to make decisions and afraid of doing the right thing. I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast the other day. In Austin, TX and I really can't believe this, 3 guys are throwing trash at a cop on 6th street and the guy backs down gets in his car and calls for backup? WTF as Joe said I miss the old days, fuck backup there would have been 3 bodies. I agree.

My view; Men are not men anymore, hairless self absorbed girlish betas are the norm, when did we become so self-entitled? We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world, we are not. Our children are 35th in the world in math, why are people homesless in America if they don't want to be? And why the fuck do we continue to let politicians and organized religion define us as a country, we need to be great again and not great in the sense of the bullshit we got handed from Frump, or Trump or whatever his name was.

Oh yeah about me? Well I am a sledgehammer but this guy, Noam Chomsky, gives me peace, and perspective. Kurt Vonnegut gives me dreams, imagination and makes me thoughtful. Hermann Hesse gives me humility and Charles Bukowski, well he makes me laugh, and reminds me not to be a drunk or a prick. And I can't leave out Earnest Hemingway, not even sure what to say he leaves me speechless usually. My favorite author no doubt, a real man, a real father and as old school as it gets. Much respect sir.

father & human.

Father Always. Amused. Traveler. Reader. Skateboards To Sailboats. Anything with a Deck. Philosophically Aligned with Anarcho-Syndicalism and Libertarian Socialism. Somewhat A Capitalist. Deeply Dedicated to Sarcasm. Slightly Cynical. Wanna-Be Writer, Photographer, Advocate for the Homeless and Addicted. Not A Fan of Our Current Legal System. Read more on that here, it's not right and been this way since the abolition of slavery. And I want to enlighten you why that time period is relevant.

Now I'm creating my next adventure. Click the link here for my resume, always open to new ideas, investors, partners, opportunites, or grabbing a coffee. I'm currently attending college in Dallas, TX and in the start-up phase with the art.department a new and exciting full service design firm. D. Cummins and Associates has closed due to Covid-19 complications and bad Presidents.

Happy, taking life one day at a time, figuring out how to be a better human, loving my girls, my family and my friends. All the most precious gifts I could have. 20-year Outsourcing and Offshore expert in the BPO industry, and another 9 years swinging a hammer, building homes and offices.

Time to move on, building and creating art vs. driving performance. Still planning some exciting things at Container Life. Please check out my links, most are under construction or devious design but isn't life a work in progress always? Feel free to call or email anytime if you're interested in discussing.

Peace and love,



27 years of leading organizations, founding companies and driving performance, I am a dynamic, cross-border, international servant business leader with focus on delivering client centric, operational excellence, revenue growth and margin expansion. A turn-around specialist with competency and understanding in managing metrics, client management and employee retention. A seasoned and proven operator throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Please click here for my resume and feel free to contact me anytime

Career Highlights

Exceptional Delivery

As Chief Operations Officer at HGS Philippines we grew revenue 30% within a 12 month time span, drove client and customer satisfaction ratings from below target to exceeding all goals which saved an additional $10.5M in potentially lost business.

As Vice President, Service Delivery at Web.com we reduced data center and support costs resulting in a $14.5M annual savings.

And in 2008 to 2010 as Regional Vice Presi- dent with Stream Global Services my team and I built the APAC region from 3,000 employees and $5.1M in revenue to 14,500 employees and $260M in annual revenues.

Recent Experience

D. Cummins & Associates, Founder and Principle

2016 - Present

DC&A is focused on moving clients to exceptional levels of performance in the key areas of call center operations by applying proven analytical techniques, strategies and experience. Focused in pre-merger due diligence, post-merger integration, analysis and improvement of workforce utilization, and NPS

OnProcess Technology Inc, Vice President

2014 - 2016

OnProcess provides service solutions that drive efficiency, profitability and scale in complex, global service supply chains. As VP, Global Operations my responsibilities included full site management of the Kolkata, India location in a post acquisition role to drive integration efforts.

Convey Health Solutions, Senior Vice President

2011 - 2014
Convey Health Solutions is a leading provider of health care BPO services. As Senior Vice President, Shared Services I led and managed 4 US-based operation centers and an offshore location in Manila, Philippines totaling 1400 employees servicing over five health care clients with annual revenues of $100M. Direct responsibilities for facilities, fulfillment, training, quality, reporting, workforce management and project management.

Stream Global Services, Regional Vice President

2008 - 2011
Stream Global Services a leading provider of contact center and BPO services with annual revenues of over $900M. As Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific reporting to the Executive Vice President of Operations, my direct responsibilities included the operational leadership of the APAC region consisting of 10 contact centers, 14,500 employees and $260M in annual revenues, servicing over 20 clients and 35 lines of business.

My Best Shots

Having lived and worked all over the world has given me so many opportunites, and one of those opportunites has been to catch some great shots from Bulgaria, to Kolkata, the Phillipines, Boston, Dallas and Dubai. It's been a trip and a half, a lifetime of memories and people, places and things I will never forget

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