Injustice In Texas Defined

It was interesting when I walked into probation last week, hadn’t been to the Collin County Probation office in 3 years as my supervision was being handled by Dention County where I was living prior to moving back to Collin County. Same office, dirty, depressed, oppressive, and that’s the people that work there, I shake my head and wait for my probation officer, squirming because I need to pee, and of course, I am taking a drug test I knew that before I got there. Anything to jam a brother up, yeah well 3 years of sobriety so fuck you Collin County.

I’ll keep this part short, an unsurprising discussion with my P.O. they did let me retake the Substance Abuse Evaluation which I had to take a few months ago for a bullshit reason, the recommendation was outpatient treatment, and I disagree. Having been sober for 3 years that seems off to me, end result, the second opinion suggested no treatment. Let’s move on to why I am writing this and putting it front and center on my blog.




“These words from Martin Luther King, Jr. are a reminder that we all have a responsibility to take a stand when we witness injustice.”


The criminal justice system is an integral part of any society, and its role is to ensure that people are held accountable for their actions and are given fair treatment. However, in many cases, the system fails to deliver what it promises, especially when it comes to probation. The injustice of probation is a critical issue that affects many people in Texas, and it’s important to understand the problems and reasons behind it.

the Probation System in Texas

Probation is a sentence imposed by the court as an alternative to imprisonment. In Texas, probation is a common sentence for many crimes, and it involves a person being released from jail and monitored by a probation officer. The probation system in Texas is responsible for ensuring that people on probation adhere to specific conditions, such as reporting regularly to their probation officer and avoiding any further criminal activities.

Injustice in the Probation System

Probation is meant to be a second chance for people to get their lives back on track. However, in many cases, the system becomes a trap for people who are already struggling. One of the biggest problems in the Texas probation system is the number of probation violations and the severe consequences that come with them. Many people are sent back to jail for minor infractions, such as failing a drug test or missing a probation appointment. This unjust treatment leads to the cycle of incarceration, which only makes the situation worse.

Another problem with the Texas probation system is the unfair treatment that people receive from probation officers. Some probation officers are known for being overzealous and imposing harsh conditions on people under their supervision, leading to a violation and ultimately, re-incarceration. This kind of behavior undermines the purpose of probation, which is to provide a second chance and support for people to succeed.

Reforms Needed in the Probation System

The probation system in Texas needs to be reformed to ensure that people are treated fairly and given the opportunity to succeed. The following are some of the key reforms that need to be made:

Reduce the number of probation violations: The consequences of probation violations need to be re-evaluated, and alternatives to re-incarceration should be considered, such as community service or fines.

Improve supervision and support: Probation officers need to be trained to provide better supervision and support to people on probation. This includes regular check-ins, access to resources and programs, and clear communication of expectations and consequences.
Ensure equality and fairness: The probation system must ensure that people are treated equally and fairly, regardless of their background or circumstances. This means that people should not be sent back to jail for minor infractions or subjected to harsh conditions without justification.

Increase transparency and accountability: The probation system should be more transparent and accountable, with clear guidelines and processes in place for handling probation violations and ensuring fair treatment.


The injustice of probation in Texas is a critical issue that affects many people, and it’s time for reforms to be made. The probation system should provide a second chance for people to succeed and should not trap them in a cycle of incarceration. By reducing the number of probation violations, improving supervision and support, ensuring equality and fairness, and increasing transparency and accountability, the Texas probation system can be transformed into one that truly serves its purpose. The time for change is now, and we must work together to bring it about.


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