Discussions with ai 

I don’t know why but chatGPT totally fascinated me and actually restored my hope for the world a little bit. Not that I am a nilist by any means, I sincerely love the work and all that is in it. So I thought I would start this thread and hopefully someone will find it entertaining and interesting.

To start this little journey I decided to ask AI “can you write me an article on how you work” and this is what the little bugger came up with. Now I could have defined it better and asked a better question and I will I promise but this was very interesting and is the thing that got me going on this idea for a series of articles called Discussions with AI

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Google’s failure to provide anything close to customer service

Some may consider me a veteran of contact centers. I’d like to think so, I’ve spent 24 years in the industry. I started out as an agent in 1998 and had the honor of working with some of the best people in the world. Globally, 24/7 for some of the top clients and companies in the world. I would like to think we delivered best in class, customer experiences, that delighted customers and encouraged them to continue to buy our products, use our services and build our brand.

There are many ways to build a brand, for me it is delivering outstanding service, keeping your promises, and going over and above to ensure customers feel valued, respected, and important. They, at the end of the day, sign your check, boost your stock, and allow your company to grow. 

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fuck optinmonster

If you are a user of WordPress you probably heard of these guys. Unfortunately my hosting company installs a bunch of shit plugins and this one, this one…. Ok so anything “MONSTER” sucks they have plugins that are branded differently and if you get rid of one (OptinMonster) in this example one of the other plugins reinstalls and activates OptinMonster again. I don’t remember saying, hey I approve of you installing your shitty extensions (paid only) and please notify me FIVE times in email how bad ass your plugin is and flash an alert in my WP dashboard. Fuck yes I OPTIN! Get it?

Duane, why are you so mad about this? I’m not I’m just an asshole and annoyed and that is the worst combination you can find an  annhole (annoyed-asshole). Besides if your shit was so fucking legit and good why in the fuck do you need to send me FIVE emails to tell me how good it is? If it were true then just be like my dick, I lay it down and it speaks for itself, it’s just good I don’t have to push it or slap your face with it, it’s bad ass I don’t need to promote it. Oh wait sorry I digress.

Fuck OPTINMONSTER, their plugins and their unwanted emails. I’m going to send them FIVE emails and tell them how much I hate them in each one because I wanted to spend my day angry and waste it acting a fool. 

G-Eazy: thats the shit I never said….

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Honest Jobs



Honest Jobs for honest people


It’s not often that I come across a company like this one.  I first contacted them Sunday, it’s Monday and I have a couple personal emails from one of their Employment/Outreach Specialists welcoming me and giving me an update on my application.

The CEO Harley Blakeman started the company I wanted to start a few years ago, however he did it so with any luck I will get to work for him. 

Did I mention these guys are in the business to help people like me that have been “affected” by the criminal justtice system. Staticstically if you hired me, I would rarely if ever miss work. 

My level of loyalty would be beyond measure, And it’s likely I would outperform my coworkers. My appreciation for the opportunity would be well, great.

Why, well that’s very simple I have applied for 332 jobs in the past year – almost one a day! I’ve had 34 interviews, 5 offer letters and 5 withdrawl letters citing my background as an issue. So I got the job, I had an offer, a start date and I was in one case parked out front 30 minutes early, excited to start my first day. My father raised me to be pragmatic, “son life isn’t fair, stop fucking crying and get on with it.” Good ol’ Bill Cummins, I miss that mofo.