duane cummins

Sarcastic bastard, father, advocate, and occasional idiot

Me simply put. Father. Amused. Traveler. Reader. Wanna Be Writer.  Musician. Skateboards To Sailboats. Anything w/ a Deck. Philosophically Aligned with Anarcho-Syndicalism, Question Authority. Always.

Me a little deeper. With an amazing talent for writing seductive copy (read on), a natural eye towards business matters and drive to succeed, Duane has over 22 years’ in the call centers and BPO.

After forming The Art Department. He’d discovered over the years that the never-ending grind to “maximize profits”, “finish projects”, “do more with less”, was getting old. He wanted to focus on his daughters and what made him passionite and happy, not profits – for others.

With an MBA in sarcasm, and the writing prowess of Hemingway, the drinking ability of Bukowski, and a fabulous sense of humor that comes across in his writing, Duane has undertaken writing this blog, trying to push products for this affiliate marketing thing, and maybe make someone laugh. Or piss someone off, then I he’ll be really famous.


Duane’s Resume


“an MBA in sarcasm, and the writing prowess of Hemingway”



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